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The Arborists at Woodchuck Tree Service only work on trees. From removing large cottonwoods to training young maples, our ISA Certified Arborists can handle your trees safely without damage to your property. Give us a call at 970-403-5647 for a free estimate.

Arborist Services

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Complete Tree Removal

Mature Tree Trimming

Structural Trimming

Wild Fire Mitigation

Tree Planting & Consultation

Tree Cabling Service

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Health Consultation

Wildfire Mitigation

Woodchuck Tree Service offers wildfire mitigation done professionally by a crew led by ISA Certified Arborists. Creating defensible space does not mean clear cutting around your home. It entails managing trees, brush, or other vegetation to slow the spread of fire while maintaining the beauty of your forest.

  • Defensible space
  • Hazard tree removals
  • Tree trimming and thinning
  • Brush Trimming
  • Tree spraying
  • Large capacity chipping

Durango wildfire mitigation

Durango tree spraying

Tree Spraying

Treating trees and shrubs for pests is a necessary service that Woodchuck Tree Service provides. The method of application depends on the time of year and the surroundings. We offer high pressure tree spraying for a number of pests. We do systemic pesticide applications to the trunk or root zone and also injections to the trunk.

Pine Needle Scale

Pine Needle Scale affects pine and spruce trees. Needles appear discolored and begin dropping. Scales look like very small, white, sesame seed shaped insects. During winter, eggs incubate under mature females. Spraying is best done in the spring when the eggs hatch and the larvae are in the crawler stage.

White Pine Weevils

White Pine Weevils attack the tops of spruce trees. Insects hatch from the soil in the spring and feed on the top portion of the tree. Spraying should be done to the tops of the trees in the spring or fall.


Aphids can be on many species of trees, but do not usually cause any problems. Aphids feed on sap from the leaves. They produce a sticky substance called honey dew, which can coat anything and everything below the tree.

Cooley Gall Aphids

Cooley Gall Aphids form galls on spruce trees that often look like cones. Infestations can be very devastating, stunting growth and damaging branch tips. Spraying should be done in early spring or in the fall after the eggs have been laid.

Bark Beetles

Mountain Pine, Douglas Fir, and Spruce Bark Beetles destroy the cambium, and can kill trees in one year. Spruce and Mountain Pine Beetles fly August through October. Douglas Fir Beetles fly about June 1. Preventive spraying must be done before the beetles fly to keep healthy trees protected. Infected trees show globs of pitch on the trunk of trees and needles will yellow of the following spring. A good coat of insecticide once a year to the trunk will create barrier to infestation.

Aspen Diseases & Insects

Aspen trees can be victims of several diseases and insects. Two to three applications of preventative spray will help control leaf fungus.

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Dan Bowman

Dan Bowman got his first taste of the tree care business with his uncle growing up in Farmington Hills, Michigan. But, it was a love of racing bicycles that brought him to Durango in 2000. While racing bikes around the world professionally for 12 years he also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. In his final years of bike racing, Dan purchased a truck and chipper and started Woodchuck Tree Service, LLC, in 2010. Dan is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and a Qualified Supervisor Pesticide Applicator with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Dan has been married since 2005 and has two kids. When he is not up in a tree or hanging out with his family, you can find him shredding the trails.

Dan Bowman, Woodchuck Tree Service

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